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Computer Repair and Tech Support


Spyware Removal Services in Norwalk, CT

We specialize in finding and fixing your home and small business Windows and Mac computer issues, troubleshooting network problems, and setting up and connecting your devices.

malware cleanup

Complete virus and spyware removal.

computer installation & software setup

Getting it right at the start prevents headaches later.

backup & recovery

Let us help set up effective backup solutions for your email & data.

24/7 support

We’re ready to provide support via remote computer access, phone, text, email, and on-site.


We're able to help you figure out the best hardware, software, and network solutions to cost-effectively fit your needs.

smartphone and tablet support

We help get your Apple iPhone, Samsung and various Android phones configured, and/or assist you with setting up your tablets, such as the Amazon Kindle, Apple iPad, Microsoft Surface, or Samsung Galaxy.

smart tv & streaming device support

Get your smart tv up and connected and your streaming services &/or devices working (Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Google Chromecast).

network setup & support

Get all your devices working on a secure network.

About Us

With over 12 years of computer experience and hundreds of satisfied customers, Steven Kapp Computer Help and Repair provides affordable drop off and onsite repair for individuals and offices in the Fairfield County area of Connecticut. 

Whether you’re one person or a business with multiple users, we provide the expertise to get things running smoothly and keep them that way.  From building new computers packed with the latest technology for use by regular users to gamer’s, no job is too complex or humble for us to tackle.   In addition to hardware, we are also experienced with software troubleshooting, such as Microsoft Windows and Office.  We have helped clients migrate to cloud services like Office 365, create new DNS records and restore data.


Gail Stager – Gail Stager National Collections, Norwalk, CT.  

I’ve been going to Steve with my computer for the last five years.  He really goes out of his way to explain everything to you, and let me tell you he really knows his stuff.

His prices are fair and he will treat you like a real human being, unlike some other computer companies I’ve been to in the past. Highly recommended!
Travis Fitzpatrick – Houston, TX.  
Steve was very helpful.  He remoted into my computer and found that the hard drive was infected with over 150 viruses.  He installed antivirus software and removed the viruses. 
Everything was done very quickly and made the computer run like new.  Would highly recommend.
Jason Pruitt – Columbia, SC
Steve is the best computer Tech that I know. Any time I have a problem with my computer or printer, Steve is there to help fix it.  His fees are very reasonable and if he can’t fix it there’s no charge. 

I would recommend Steve to anyone with a home or office computer or printer.  My equipment runs great again because of Steve.



Based in Norwalk, CT and serving all of Fairfield County.





We're ready when you need us!

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