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malware cleanup

Complete virus and spyware removal.

I’m sure we are all aware of the relentless campaigns telling us to get vaccinated against the flu. It’s understandable because occurrences of the flu usually happen during certain times of the year. Once one person gets it, then it spreads and many people become infected.

In contrast, Mac’s, PC’s, smartphones, and tablets don’t have foreseeable outbreaks or exact times of the year when they get infected. For them, it’s always flu season. So, in place of chills and body aches, users get sick from a different kind of illness or computer virus known as malware.

Malware infections inundate us similar to a hurricane. It can start an attack in silence, being devious avoiding detection or loud and violently like a tornado, destroying everything in its path.

Malware, more commonly known as “malicious software,” is an umbrella term. It describes any malicious program or code that is harmful to computer systems.

Hostile, intrusive, and intentionally nasty, malware’s core functionality is to invade, damage, or disable computers, networks, tablets, and mobile devices. This often occurs by taking limited control over a device’s actions. Like our old friend the flu, it interferes with normal system functions.

Malware can steal, encrypt, or erase your data, modify or hijack central computer functions, and spy on your computer activity without your knowledge or permission.

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